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About Us

Although Demsoft Solutions is a relatively new company, our staff have many years of IT experience working with customers of all sizes, from single traders to global corporations.  We believe that it's time that the home PC user was offered the same standard of service as big business, but at an affordable cost.

Our Company

Demsoft Solutions was founded when we realised just how much the ordinary computer user was being charged for relatively simple pieces of work, and what poor service they were receiving.  We've all heard the horror stories of people taking their PCs for repair and finding that their confidential data had been examined for no reason, or the entire contents of the PC being deleted as part of the 'repair'.

At Demsoft we believe in providing a discreet, professional service  at an afordable price.  All our engineers come from backgrounds such as the credit card industry, medical services etc, where the highest levels of confidentiality and discretion are mandatory. 

Our Business Philosophy

If our cars break down, we take them to a mechanic.  If the kitchen floods, we call a plumber. There's no mystery or magic to these services, they're just things that we don't all have the ability or inclination to do for ourselves.  Demsoft aim to make computing services a similarly obvious choice for the normal person who wants their PC to 'just work'.