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Our Services
We offer a large number of computer-related services in order to differentiate ourselves from the competition.  If you don't see what you need listed below, give us a call or send us an email - we can probably offer it for you!

PC Repairs
We can repair most makes and models of PC.  We offer a free diagnosis service, and can quote on a like-for-like basis or for upgrading the failed component(s) whith more modern equivalents which could improve performance in key areas.
Virus & Malware removal & prevention
PC running slow?  Web pages loading on their own?  Other unexplained behaviour?  We can remove malware of all kinds, including viruses, trojans, adware, and rootkits.  We can also recommend and install security software at various levels and prices (including free!)
Optimise your PC's performance

Over time, our PCs tend to clog up with accumulated rubbish which slows them down.  By clearing out the affected areas and fine-tuning the settings which matter most we can breath new life into your machine, often putting off its replacement for another year or two.

Connect to the internet or other computers/consoles and printers etc in your home
We can advise on the best ISP for your needs, and install/configure the equipment needed to safely connect one or more computers or consoles to the internet and to each other, sharing printers and other devices.  Security is a key concern for us! Don't be complacent, let us protect you!
Safeguard your data
Statistics prove that most companies that lose access to their data go out of business within a year.  While that may not apply to most homes, could you bear to lose all those key family photos?   We can advise on and supply the best backup technologies and devices for your needs.
Lost your data?  Don't Panic!

It's the service we all hope we never need.  Suddenly the files you're looking for have disappeared, or give an error message when you try to open them.  Maybe Windows won't even start.  Don't panic!  As long as there's life in the drive, we can recover from most disasters. 

Let us configure your latest purchase for you
We can help you install any new equipment you've bought, whatever your problem.  We can transfer your data from your old to new PC, sort out issues with that new printer or scanner, or even install those new internal components if you can't bring yourself to take the case off!
Don't replace your PC - modernise it
We can advise on the feasibility of upgrading your machine's components to enhance performance, and what the benefits might be.  We can offer upgrades of all types, but won't shy away from telling you to buy a new PC elsewhere if it's a more cost-effective solution.
One-to-one training to fit your needs
We can offer one-to-one informal training on Windows, Linux and most popular application packages, tailored to your individual requirements.  Just call or drop us a line to let us know where your problems lie, and we'll ensure you get the skills you're looking for.
P-Pick up a Penguin!
Heard a lot about Linux lately, and want to give it a try without risking your existing data?  Got an old PC you'd like to re-use as a firewall, NAS or other network device?  We can install and configure this exciting new alternative to Windows for you. 
Let us create your web presence
Do you like what yo see here? Whether it's a personal site about your family or hobby, a membership site for a club or organisation your run, or a business presence on the web, we can help.  Contact us to discuss your requirements and we can get started straight away.