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Linux Is Not UniX - well, maybe not, but it's sometimes hard to tell the difference!


Everyone's talking about Linux these days.  It powers a large part of the internet, finds itself in items as diverse as set-top TV boxes, mobile phones and even computera.

Unlike Windows, most Linux applications are available for free - and there are applications for almost everything.  It really is possible these days to move to a completely free computing environment - and update for free when the latest version is released.  How much would that cost you from Microsoft?

You can also re-use your old PCs; Linux has much lighter requirements than Windows, and a machine that felt unuably sluggish under Windows can be given a new lease of life with Linux.  You could even use Linux to turn an old PC into a firewall, a mail server, or even a media streamer.

The latest versions of Linux offer very similar functionality to Windows, but the way you do things is sometimes very different.  Demsoft can install & configure your choice of Linux software on your PC, and/or teach you how to use it.  Tell us what you're interested in, and we can put a custom package together just for you.