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We recognize that providing support and maintaining your computer system is critical to customer satisfaction, as well as your peace of mind!

The level of support received once a product or service is sold should be a key factor in deciding what company to purchase from. At Demsoft we pride ourselves on the exceptional level of support we offer.

Providing that your machine is still able to make an internet connecion we can usually connect to it remotely and take control of your desktop in order to diagnose the problem, or even to carry out the repair itself.  Established customers can choose to have our favourite remote control utility installed on a permanent basis, and their connection details stored in our secure database ready for an instant connection when you request it.  We can often fix your problem in less time than it would take an engineer to drive to you!

Of course we are also delighted to visit your home to resolve any issues, and we strive to keep a window open each evening for emergency visits.

Warranty and Maintenance Agreements

We offer a variety of warranty and maintenance contracts. We will be happy to review the options based on specific needs and requirements.