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Everyone and his dog is selling internet connectivity these days, but how do you decide which ISP (Internet Service Provider) and package to use?

Demsoft will assess your needs in terms of performance, storage, services and expected download sizes, and match this against industry surveys rating each provider in your area for each criteria.  We will then make a recommendation on the best options for you at a given monthly cost.  By taking our recommendation you could potentially save the cost of our service within the first few weeks!

We can also network your home.  We can connect all the computers and consoles in your house to each other, and to the internet.  Share data across your machines.  Play games against each other.  Share devices such as printers, scanners and network-attached-storage between all your machines.

We can advise on the best options for you (wired, wireless or powerline connections) and either supply & configure them for you, or simply make recommendations for a DIY installation