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Your data's safe, right?  It's on the computer....

Unfortunately, in the real world computers just aren't as reliable as we'd like.  Google replace hundreds of failed hard drives in their data centres every week - it'll happen to you one day too.

You can guard against drive failure by mirroring 2 or more drives to each other (something we're happy to sort out for you!) and this does, indeed, provide a worthwhile benefit.  But what if your PC is stolen or destroyed?  What if you accidentally delete the wrong information?

This is where backups come in.  By taking a regular copy of your data (or possibly the entire PC) and storing it elsewhere, it's possible to recover from any of the above scenarios quickly and easily.

There are many ways of configuring backups, and many devices/technologies that can be used.  We will help you to decide what's best for your needs and budget, and can supply, install & configure the chosen solution.

You can choose from :
-- Off-Site Network ('cloud') storage
-- Portable devices (flash memory, DVD, hard drive etc)
-- Tape-based backup devices & libraries
-- NAS/Home Server backup devices