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System Upgrades

With most consumer electronics, if you want something better, or to add new facilities, you have to throw it away and buy a complete replacement.  You can do that with your PC as well, if you want to... or you can upgrade parts of your machine to give you up-to-date performance at a lower cost.

We can upgrade any part of your machine.  Many companies offer this kind of service, but most don't concentrate on building a balanced system.  Upgrading with the wrong components can create a bottleneck that significantly reduces the benefits you might expect to see.  Upgrading too many parts at once can be more expensie than a new PC!Demsoft will examine your entire machine and suggest the best upgrade for your needs and budget.

We can replace :
-- RAM (memory)
-- Hard Disk (file storage)
-- Optical Drives (CD/DVD/Blu-Ray) 
-- Monitors, keyboards and mice
-- Processor/CPU (the 'brain' of the machine)
-- Motherboards (electronic chassis)
-- Video cards (play the latest games)
-- Sound boards (professional-level music)
-- Power Supply (may be needed with some other upgrades)

In fact pretty much any part of your machine!  Contact us for details.