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Demsoft offer one-to-one (or possibly small group) training in Windows, Linux, Office and other popular software.

None of us are born with the knowledge of how to use computers, and each new package brings in its own new skills to master.  And yet despite more features being built into each new version of a package, the documentation of most is now almost non-existent.

You can buy books, of course, but not everyone can learn effectively in such a sterile way.  Training courses are available for most packages, often accredited by the softwaare authors, but they can cost hundreds - sometimes thousands - of pounds, and still aren't tailored to your requirements.  Maybe you only need to learn the basics, or perhaps you already know most of what you need but can't get your head around a particular feature?

Talk to us, and we'll put together a syllabus that incorporates the elements that you want to learn.