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Data Recovery

Have you tested your backups recently?  If not, you might need this service sooner than you think...

If you've lost your data, or the machine fails to start up Windows, then the important thing is not to panic.  Stop using your machine immediately - any data saved to disk could potentially make it impossible to recover the information you need.

We will remove the disk from your machine and, provided there's any life in it at all, analyse its contents at a very low level and piece together as much of your data as possible in our lab environment. Although it's impossible to guarantee a 100% success rate before examining the damage, we have achieved it for our clients on many occasions.  This is a very cost-effective solution.

In cases where the damage is too extensive to repair at our own facilities, we are able to partner with organisations able to dismantle the drive and replace components, or to move your platters into another device.  This service doesn't come cheap, but in cases where your data is very valuable it may well be worth it.